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Everything in me aches

The flesh my prison

pain the guard

Joy, hope , Triumph , all treated like unwanted visitors

You’d give no wonder as to why life tastes so bitter

The regrets, the sorrows all a part of a song life follows

They grab hold of me, pushing me down into a pit

Only sadness to keep me company

Finally silence though it’s effects quite deafening

Voices in my head now roam free and they torture me.



Need a solace

All this darkness shadows my life

No sign of light, just these dark clouds covering me up

Turn every corner no one to turn to but then you appear

My creator, my salvation, how couldn’t I see

You had all the answers to my problems

And I didn’t even consider you,

You watched me look for every other solution but you

And yet you still treasured me

Overlooked, foreshadowed, I chased after wind hoping I’d find some sort of closure

Now that I got closure , I want your exposure

Analogy on United’s season

No more stories of past glory

A season to write new history

Superstars added, a dream rediscovered

The theatre lit again

An old heroe returned to grace it once more

The fairytale beginning to build again

Joy and wonder filling up the masses at old Trafford

Viva Ronaldo , the crowds could sing once more

Beat Leeds 5-1, Oh joy what a triumph

Slipped against Everton

A loss to Villa, Oh boy did the old cracks begin to show again.

Lost by 5 to pool

Looks like the horrors and nightmares never left

A harsh reminder, not all that glitters is gold

Oh woe , a loss to City

Ole out! The chants became louder and louder

A slip to Watford did that justice

A legend sacked, Time for something new, a rebuild.

A professor, God father, his praises sung

Many thought he could be a Messiah

Glimpses against Palace of a light at the end of the dark tunnel

but that dwindled as the weeks moved past, dreariness and sadness all over the fabled “Theatre of dreams”

Glory Glory Man United seemed like a myth, a thought quite distant

But Alas not all was lost

A hat trick against spurs , some hope after all. A flash in tg

Comfort of Joy

A feeling quite strange

She consumes me like a rage

Not knowing what she is

I get this urge to embrace her not wanting to ever lose her presence

Lord never let this fade away even if it might just be a memory

Her eyes lit like a jade, before I felt dead

Now come alive, I feel nurtured by her presence

Like a florist tending to a precious rose, her words take me and help me grow inside

This comfort I pray never leaves

I think about her name and my world stands still

This feeling is like no other before at all

This is simply beauty in its purest

Am I awake or dreaming

All I know this is all thrilling

Ode to 2021

A year like no other

Highs and lows interceding at every chance

Strange the theme and excitement it’s song

Lots to remember and sadly lots to forget

One moment plunging us to an abyss so dark and uncertain

The next lifting us to a hill of ecstasy and joy

On which we crumbled back to the bottom

Topsy Turvy we rolled on

A lot lost and gained but surely a lot learned too

Often finding myself at your lows, darkness defining my person

Pushed through it all to be back at a high

A year with tons of mystery

But surely it will go down in history

Why many are beginning to lose hope in Soljaskaer

As of recent the results haven’t been to good for OGS, people may call those losing hope rash but they are in someway justified I hope they feel and I will explain this in the article.

Lack of style of play : The team relies too much on good patches during matches rather than consistent team work. It seems many of the underperforming players hide behind the ones pulling the team out like Bruno and Cristiano

Favoritism to certain player:During Ole’s tenure, there has been a myth that he gives youth a chance but that is not that case. He consistently puts the same underperforming Xi when results aren’t working, he hence leaves many without game time like Donny Van De Beek and the latest victim Jadon Sancho

It seems OGS always has a mistake I him :One of the biggest is probably handing the armband over to Harry Maguire who clearly lacks leadership skills and his current exploits this season makes one wonder if he even deserves to be on our bench. Ole has also made key mistakes like rushing players from injuries, poor substitution, lack of rotation which has led to exhaustion of some players.

The Agony of Defeat

We as humans feel pain at some point in life. It is debilitating and agonising to come short at something you love but you must just get up. For example, two weeks ago, my favorite team was thumped and i felt like my whole world felt so dark, in these dark times we live in, we all have something that helps us cope and if that something is taken away, everything seems bleak.

But that feeling of bleakness is only temporary when handled well. We must remember that pain us only a learning experience and not a permanent situation. We might never know where the pain comes from but we do know to manage it and not let it manage you

If you let it manage you, it will manifest into fears, regret and doubt. Emotions you don’t want around you. Over the past year, I have felt these, I begun to doubt my future and regret my past but i found a coping mechanism in my writing and i’m glad glad did. I found my passion and I won’t look back. The pain helped me look deep into myself. Maybe all we need is an inner look.

My Analogy on Depression

Depression devours you like a ravenous beast always wanting more. It sticks like a parasite but how do I abandon it. Sometimes it is so addictive that I reminisce about past pain when in times of joy, it is hard to trust what is rare or strange to you. Like the saying goes better the devil you know than the one you don’t

Feasting on weakness and insecurities, it disembowels you like a fearless dive into an abyss of nothingness, it preys on uncertainty but with life everything is an uncertainty like what is life?

How are we sure what we are experiencing is life. What if we begin to live when we die, What is life and Abstract thought or a holographic figment of our imagination? The answer we are not sure. Maybe this is the reason we find it hard to fight off the beast that preys on uncertainty.

Drama of Being a United fan

Blood courses through our veins

cool as you like it

Red hot as our support for the mighty Reds

The passion and desire burns like a fire inextinguishable

We Dread when we lose

Celebrate when we win

Despite the drama, our hearts beat stronger than the loudest drums for the best team in the World.

Glory Glory Man United

And hopefully soon we will sing Glory Glory the Champions of Europe and England.

My Predicted starting XI for Manchester United this Weekend.

DeGea: Obviously , He is on top form this season, making lots of crucial stops, Dropping him this weekend seems illogical.

AWB: Our best defensive right back and Despite competition from Dalot. He has been in better form and Ole is a bit hesistant when it comes to Rotation.

Maguire, Lindelof and Luke Shaw are pretty much certain starters when fit and I doubt Ole would change this at all.

Pogba and Fred/McTominay: Since Pogba was rested in The Champions League , it may be an indication by the Manager that he will start,and the other two need no explanation for they’re pretty much Soljaskaer’s poster boys😂😂😂

Bruno, Rashford, Ronaldo and Greenwood Will give United a fantastic outlet in Attack and this weekend’s game could be a goal fest for both sides consider United’s slight defensive frailities.