Drama of Being a United fan

Blood courses through our veins

cool as you like it

Red hot as our support for the mighty Reds

The passion and desire burns like a fire inextinguishable

We Dread when we lose

Celebrate when we win

Despite the drama, our hearts beat stronger than the loudest drums for the best team in the World.

Glory Glory Man United

And hopefully soon we will sing Glory Glory the Champions of Europe and England.

My Predicted starting XI for Manchester United this Weekend.

DeGea: Obviously , He is on top form this season, making lots of crucial stops, Dropping him this weekend seems illogical.

AWB: Our best defensive right back and Despite competition from Dalot. He has been in better form and Ole is a bit hesistant when it comes to Rotation.

Maguire, Lindelof and Luke Shaw are pretty much certain starters when fit and I doubt Ole would change this at all.

Pogba and Fred/McTominay: Since Pogba was rested in The Champions League , it may be an indication by the Manager that he will start,and the other two need no explanation for they’re pretty much Soljaskaer’s poster boys😂😂😂

Bruno, Rashford, Ronaldo and Greenwood Will give United a fantastic outlet in Attack and this weekend’s game could be a goal fest for both sides consider United’s slight defensive frailities.

Reaction To Manchester United win over Atlanta

Nights like last night , are the reasons why we love the game , so much drama and passion on both sides but all in all the outcome was a crucial one to United’s ambitions for the season and possibly the job of current manager Ole Gunnar Soljskaer. I personally didn’t quite enjoy the first half but the second half was brilliant.

The results maybe papering over the cracks but particularly the second half shows what man united can achieve. They can do this on a regular basis, then the fans will be really up for the season. Rashford’s comeback will also be a huge boost. Let us hope for the best Reds!!

Why Manchester United’s bad Performances lately are Surprising to Nobody.

Lack of proper tactical management, there seems to be no plan. It is evident that most if the results this season have been scrolled by the great individual players like Bruno Fernandez and it was only a matter of time till the luck ran out. Now , is a testing time for the club, either we need a new coach or the coaching staff dit down and notice all their flaws to fix them. How can the fans see the flaws and a “professional” coaching staff can’t. It is baffling.

Lack of middle balance, there are always huge gaps in midfield when United is caught on the counter and is persistent despite the middle pairing, it is something the coaching staff need to work on as a Unit. They need to strike a balance with attacking and defensive players.

There seems to be lack of Desire from the players and I hate to say this as a Manchester United fan but it seems the fans care more about the team than the players.The team only seems to respond when the when they go behind and this is a real problem is especially when a team scores against us late. This has been an issue for a while now and if it’s not dealt with the team is is going to suffer a lot of “shock” losses this season.

Problems Manchester United need to Rectify This Season

Midfield Balance: This is probably the most obvious problem whether with or without Paul Pogba because the team seems to struggle in ball retention and duels in that part of the field. And the biggest problem is the frustration the fans feel when they manage plays a pivot of McFred,which may not be adventurous attacking wise, United want to play attacking a lot but are too vulnerable when their attacks are caught. There is a hug gap in midfield that leaves them exposed and susceptible to concerts lots of goals.

Better teamwork as a Unit is also key. There seems to be a disconnect between attackers and Defenders which makes the team fail to impose themselves in a match. The team is filled a great individually it must times, it feels it is only about individual brilliance from the likes of Bruno and Rashford.

Need to get high profile player’s performing: Being Manchester United, they gave tons of superstars but not all of them perform consistently.This seems to be most evident with Paul Pogba, despite being super talented, he hasn’t reached the heights expected from him in a Manchester United Shirt. This may be due to a lack of system that suits him but clearly something needs to change to get the best out of him

Need for a plan B: It is evident that when things go wrong, United don’t have a plan B when Plan A is not working. They keep doing the same thing and it is insane, you can’t get a different result from the same approach. They need to be more flexible in transition and lose all this rigidity.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is far from finished and is still a top player at 36

This post is dedicated to my idol the one and only GOAT Cristiano dos Santos dos Aveiro and will look at why at 36, he still better than most top players in their prime.

His Dedication: His hunger and desire are unmatched by any current player, three drive to always improve despite his remarkable talent. This is shown not only by his diet and training register but by the passion he shows on the pitch for example in the Euro 2016 final, where he gave motivation to his teammates on the sidelines as he was injured.

His Recent move to the premier league, the fabled “toughest league in the World” shows that he is ready and willing to take a New challenge despite what the doubters say and it is this Strong mentality that has helped him stay on top all these years. And this is also shown by how he has already hit the ground running and he is not stopping anytime soon.

His physical conditioning and pace are unreal for a thirty six year old. He still has a better physical condition than even most players in their 20s his pace is rarely matched even at his age, . In his debut against Newcastle, he clocked the fastest times, Many English pundits doubted her would handle the pace and physicality of the premier league and at the moment, he is making mine meat if the Challenge.

He still has Records to chase and break. Many would wonder why a person who has achieved everything like he has done, would still continue but those who ask such questions don’t understand that more can still be achieved like he is only a couple of goals away from reaching 800 career goals which is ridiculous.

In short summation, Don’t doubt the GOAT . ViVa LA Ronaldo.

Things To look forward to AS A Man United fan after the International Break

Return of Marcus Rashford: Probably being the biggest positive. Everyone saw what he did last season even with injuries scoring 22 goals but the sky is the limit for the forward, now that he is fully fit.

Form of the United players: Given the form United players have shown during the break, getting goals and assists for their country, Many are hoping this form can be replicated by them to the club especially in the difficult run of fixtures ahead.

A Moment to reset: Especially after a few bumpy perfomances and results before the break, many are hoping the break gave them a chance to put those perfomances in the past .

Path for the Season: After the international break, we face a tough run of fixtures that will help us the fans evaluate at what fronts, our beloved team will be competing at. If we come away unscathed, then we should be looking for a fruitful season ahead but the vice versa also applies so let us see

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Effect of Lockdown on Mental Health of Teenagers.

It has been a while since I posted an article here so this is my first in a while. This one will focus on how lockdown and the corona virus has affected the mental health of my fellow teens. I personally write this from my own exp. Feel free to Share share yours at the end of the article.

Loneliness: personally, it is understandeable, no more time to hang out with your friends and you only communicate via text so you feel like your friends may not enjoy talking to you anymore or they have found other interesting people to talk to. Personally, I’m sick of it and I miss my friends. Don’t tell them that.

Anxiety: It seems ridiculous to get anxiety when everyday seems the same when you’re cooked up but one’s mind is a scary place and when left to think alone, it can wonder into some dark places. I often thought about how the World would end and how unfulfilling my life has been. I kept on thinking that maybe I blew my life.

Sadness: You may end up waking up to dark days, feeling like your entire world should end right now or that you are a burden but don’t let that get to you. Don’t give up.

Basically, the lockdown ended up making feel so depressed. I felt like I was a worthless burden that wouldn’t matter if I was gone but I realized that was not true when I got into new hobbies and especially this blog, it has been a light in my dark world.

Disney “Happiest place or channel on Earth”

So this is like my first blog post in a while. I’m just gonna discuss a bit why and why not disney should be considered jolly.

so for this i have come up with a couple of points concerning the discussion so let’s go:


Though disney is well known for it’s inspirational movies and TV shows showing unpopular characters fighting against all odds and becoming the heroes of their storyline. These kind of movies are meant to show the audience the value of hard work, having a good heart and never giving up but sometimes the audience perceives it otherwise . Take some classic romance tales which show that anyone can find love may leave others feeling lonely and depressed by their failure to find love. I have talked to a few people about this but in order to broaden my survey , please answer my poll below:


This is not surprising when it comes to disney but i guess when you’re at the top of your game,there will always be people spreading rumors and asking questions about your success. From Ghosts to the illuminati, disney has a lot of conspiracies which is so weird as why would there be questions raised about the happiest place on earth. pardon me for not going into detail but let me know if you want a full article on disney conspiracies.


Disney shows are supposed to bring joy to the world but sometimes end up doing the opposite by putting content that is hurtful to certain groups of people like racial stereotypes, disrespect to one’s allergies and even some concerning religious beliefs like do you know that there is a cancelled episode of gravity falls where Stan invented his own religion. i can see why it was cancelled , Stan even made his own holy book called the brible, sound familiar. Anyway it is things like this that deter the whole purpose of the movies/shows which is to spread happiness or maybe this may be mishaps by the writers but they gotta keep them in check.

Thanks for reading my article , have a blessed week.

Rating: 1 out of 5.
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