Disney “Happiest place or channel on Earth”

So this is like my first blog post in a while. I’m just gonna discuss a bit why and why not disney should be considered jolly.

so for this i have come up with a couple of points concerning the discussion so let’s go:


Though disney is well known for it’s inspirational movies and TV shows showing unpopular characters fighting against all odds and becoming the heroes of their storyline. These kind of movies are meant to show the audience the value of hard work, having a good heart and never giving up but sometimes the audience perceives it otherwise . Take some classic romance tales which show that anyone can find love may leave others feeling lonely and depressed by their failure to find love. I have talked to a few people about this but in order to broaden my survey , please answer my poll below:


This is not surprising when it comes to disney but i guess when you’re at the top of your game,there will always be people spreading rumors and asking questions about your success. From Ghosts to the illuminati, disney has a lot of conspiracies which is so weird as why would there be questions raised about the happiest place on earth. pardon me for not going into detail but let me know if you want a full article on disney conspiracies.


Disney shows are supposed to bring joy to the world but sometimes end up doing the opposite by putting content that is hurtful to certain groups of people like racial stereotypes, disrespect to one’s allergies and even some concerning religious beliefs like do you know that there is a cancelled episode of gravity falls where Stan invented his own religion. i can see why it was cancelled , Stan even made his own holy book called the brible, sound familiar. Anyway it is things like this that deter the whole purpose of the movies/shows which is to spread happiness or maybe this may be mishaps by the writers but they gotta keep them in check.

Thanks for reading my article , have a blessed week.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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