Why Cristiano Ronaldo is far from finished and is still a top player at 36

This post is dedicated to my idol the one and only GOAT Cristiano dos Santos dos Aveiro and will look at why at 36, he still better than most top players in their prime.

His Dedication: His hunger and desire are unmatched by any current player, three drive to always improve despite his remarkable talent. This is shown not only by his diet and training register but by the passion he shows on the pitch for example in the Euro 2016 final, where he gave motivation to his teammates on the sidelines as he was injured.

His Recent move to the premier league, the fabled “toughest league in the World” shows that he is ready and willing to take a New challenge despite what the doubters say and it is this Strong mentality that has helped him stay on top all these years. And this is also shown by how he has already hit the ground running and he is not stopping anytime soon.

His physical conditioning and pace are unreal for a thirty six year old. He still has a better physical condition than even most players in their 20s his pace is rarely matched even at his age, . In his debut against Newcastle, he clocked the fastest times, Many English pundits doubted her would handle the pace and physicality of the premier league and at the moment, he is making mine meat if the Challenge.

He still has Records to chase and break. Many would wonder why a person who has achieved everything like he has done, would still continue but those who ask such questions don’t understand that more can still be achieved like he is only a couple of goals away from reaching 800 career goals which is ridiculous.

In short summation, Don’t doubt the GOAT . ViVa LA Ronaldo.

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