Problems Manchester United need to Rectify This Season

Midfield Balance: This is probably the most obvious problem whether with or without Paul Pogba because the team seems to struggle in ball retention and duels in that part of the field. And the biggest problem is the frustration the fans feel when they manage plays a pivot of McFred,which may not be adventurous attacking wise, United want to play attacking a lot but are too vulnerable when their attacks are caught. There is a hug gap in midfield that leaves them exposed and susceptible to concerts lots of goals.

Better teamwork as a Unit is also key. There seems to be a disconnect between attackers and Defenders which makes the team fail to impose themselves in a match. The team is filled a great individually it must times, it feels it is only about individual brilliance from the likes of Bruno and Rashford.

Need to get high profile player’s performing: Being Manchester United, they gave tons of superstars but not all of them perform consistently.This seems to be most evident with Paul Pogba, despite being super talented, he hasn’t reached the heights expected from him in a Manchester United Shirt. This may be due to a lack of system that suits him but clearly something needs to change to get the best out of him

Need for a plan B: It is evident that when things go wrong, United don’t have a plan B when Plan A is not working. They keep doing the same thing and it is insane, you can’t get a different result from the same approach. They need to be more flexible in transition and lose all this rigidity.

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