Why Manchester United’s bad Performances lately are Surprising to Nobody.

Lack of proper tactical management, there seems to be no plan. It is evident that most if the results this season have been scrolled by the great individual players like Bruno Fernandez and it was only a matter of time till the luck ran out. Now , is a testing time for the club, either we need a new coach or the coaching staff dit down and notice all their flaws to fix them. How can the fans see the flaws and a “professional” coaching staff can’t. It is baffling.

Lack of middle balance, there are always huge gaps in midfield when United is caught on the counter and is persistent despite the middle pairing, it is something the coaching staff need to work on as a Unit. They need to strike a balance with attacking and defensive players.

There seems to be lack of Desire from the players and I hate to say this as a Manchester United fan but it seems the fans care more about the team than the players.The team only seems to respond when the when they go behind and this is a real problem is especially when a team scores against us late. This has been an issue for a while now and if it’s not dealt with the team is is going to suffer a lot of “shock” losses this season.

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