Things To look forward to AS A Man United fan after the International Break

Return of Marcus Rashford: Probably being the biggest positive. Everyone saw what he did last season even with injuries scoring 22 goals but the sky is the limit for the forward, now that he is fully fit.

Form of the United players: Given the form United players have shown during the break, getting goals and assists for their country, Many are hoping this form can be replicated by them to the club especially in the difficult run of fixtures ahead.

A Moment to reset: Especially after a few bumpy perfomances and results before the break, many are hoping the break gave them a chance to put those perfomances in the past .

Path for the Season: After the international break, we face a tough run of fixtures that will help us the fans evaluate at what fronts, our beloved team will be competing at. If we come away unscathed, then we should be looking for a fruitful season ahead but the vice versa also applies so let us see

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Effect of Lockdown on Mental Health of Teenagers.

It has been a while since I posted an article here so this is my first in a while. This one will focus on how lockdown and the corona virus has affected the mental health of my fellow teens. I personally write this from my own exp. Feel free to Share share yours at the end of the article.

Loneliness: personally, it is understandeable, no more time to hang out with your friends and you only communicate via text so you feel like your friends may not enjoy talking to you anymore or they have found other interesting people to talk to. Personally, I’m sick of it and I miss my friends. Don’t tell them that.

Anxiety: It seems ridiculous to get anxiety when everyday seems the same when you’re cooked up but one’s mind is a scary place and when left to think alone, it can wonder into some dark places. I often thought about how the World would end and how unfulfilling my life has been. I kept on thinking that maybe I blew my life.

Sadness: You may end up waking up to dark days, feeling like your entire world should end right now or that you are a burden but don’t let that get to you. Don’t give up.

Basically, the lockdown ended up making feel so depressed. I felt like I was a worthless burden that wouldn’t matter if I was gone but I realized that was not true when I got into new hobbies and especially this blog, it has been a light in my dark world.

Disney “Happiest place or channel on Earth”

So this is like my first blog post in a while. I’m just gonna discuss a bit why and why not disney should be considered jolly.

so for this i have come up with a couple of points concerning the discussion so let’s go:


Though disney is well known for it’s inspirational movies and TV shows showing unpopular characters fighting against all odds and becoming the heroes of their storyline. These kind of movies are meant to show the audience the value of hard work, having a good heart and never giving up but sometimes the audience perceives it otherwise . Take some classic romance tales which show that anyone can find love may leave others feeling lonely and depressed by their failure to find love. I have talked to a few people about this but in order to broaden my survey , please answer my poll below:


This is not surprising when it comes to disney but i guess when you’re at the top of your game,there will always be people spreading rumors and asking questions about your success. From Ghosts to the illuminati, disney has a lot of conspiracies which is so weird as why would there be questions raised about the happiest place on earth. pardon me for not going into detail but let me know if you want a full article on disney conspiracies.


Disney shows are supposed to bring joy to the world but sometimes end up doing the opposite by putting content that is hurtful to certain groups of people like racial stereotypes, disrespect to one’s allergies and even some concerning religious beliefs like do you know that there is a cancelled episode of gravity falls where Stan invented his own religion. i can see why it was cancelled , Stan even made his own holy book called the brible, sound familiar. Anyway it is things like this that deter the whole purpose of the movies/shows which is to spread happiness or maybe this may be mishaps by the writers but they gotta keep them in check.

Thanks for reading my article , have a blessed week.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


This my first official blog post where i discuss a topic so for this one i’m just doing my roundup of this week’s global events that really caught my eye. You don’t know how hard this was for me because boy!! 2020 is such a crazy year that the events in this week in other years would seem bizarre but this year, everything is normal even the idea of an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse don’t seem crazy or is it just me!! So here are my top events this week :

It just isn’t 2020 without some chaos, isn’t it?

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Chaos continues to unravel across the globe as the number of protests and military violence across the world increases so which brings me to the first set of events. Protests in the west increase against the police after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Winsconsin sparking protests over the police and systematic racism in the USA, no justice no peace!! meanwhile across the globe , African state Mali in disarray after a military coup by some military juntas succeeded in overthrowing the government which leaves the citizens in a state of insecurity and chaos.Due to the events in the state, Mali has been kicked out of the Francophone union. yish, talk about abandoning , i thought they would be trying to help the people instead of kicking them out but with the effect of the corona virus, no surprise there, What a week for them! Prayers to the people of Mali.

World’s Fastest man tests positive for COVID 19

100m & 200m world record holder tests positive for the corona virus after throwing lavish 34th birthday party. He joins a list of athletes who have tested positive including Novak Djokovic and French World cup winner and Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba who also tested positive this week . Looks like that covid 19 caught up to the world’s fastest man, he might be fast but covid 19 is way faster. Wish him a speedy recovery and all covid 19 patients across the globe, maybe he’ll set the record for fastest recovery . Oh was that too soon!!


Six time World’s best footballer on Wednesday when his lawyers sent a burofax to FC Barcelona saying he wanted to leave the Spanish giants for free after two decades at the club which he joined as a 13yr old boy. The Argentinian broke the internet with 5 of the top twitter trends about his future outside Barcelona which nobody ever saw happening but since this is 2020, anything is possible. The Argentinian who is considered the G.O.A.T by many has been linked with moves to Man city,PSG, Man Utd and juventus. Though some football fans would like to see him partner with 5 time ballon d’or winner Ronaldo at juventus forming the world’s finest duo . A reunion with former coach Pep Guardiola seems most likely at City.Uncertainity definitely hangs over his future which even sparked protests in barcelona by fans over the current barca board asking president Josep Bartomeu to resign and Messi to stay. Woa what a big football moment in history , if you told me, Messi would want to leave Barcelona before this year, i wouldn’t believe it, will we ever get any normal this year?!!


Excuse me if i’m a bit brief here, didn’t have so much time to add more content, promise to do better next time. The Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their playoff match by not coming out for the match as a protest/demonstration for change following the shooting of Jacob Blake by a 17 yr old white male in Winsconsin which for many seems a vindication of a statement made by basketball superstar Kyrie Irving 2 months earlier proposing to boycott the entire NBA season to demand change which then seemed to be a ludicrous statement but has seemed to gain more backing after BUCKS demonstration .


Weird title but i think you’ve already guessed this one is about Amazon founder&CEO reaching a whooping networth of 200 billion dollars making him the first to reach the landmark as shares in amazon soared by 87 billion dollars since January. Protesters went to his DC residence with a guillotine protesting the working conditions of workers at amazon and how he gets richer at the expense of his employees. What are the odds, the guillotine parts are ordered from Amazon ,as the old socialism saying goes,”The capitalist will sell you the rope, you hang yourself with. “ For more info on this ,check out this link


If you’re a big fan of the old Disney show, this is the movie for you , I know i’m excited so here’s a tiny preview of what’s it’s about, Judging by the title and phineas and ferb’s usual antics, you’ve guessed it’s space themed and you’re right so basically Phineas and Ferb travel across the galaxy to rescue their older sister Candace , who has been abducted by aliens and found Utopia in a far off planet, free of her pesky brothers! this is a must watch because it contains adventure and what’s a good Disney movie without some music. I encourage y’all to check it out on Disney plus.

That’s a wrap, thanks for reading my blog and please keep checking my blog and tell your friends to read it too. Make sure to leave your comments of what you think of my post and while you’re here make sure to follow my twitter @ryanbart08 or click this link:

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.”

Have an exceptional week .

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Signings and their Significance

Top Five Manchester United signings in recent years.

Bruno Fernandes.

He is arguably one of the best signings United has ever made. Since his arrival from Sporting, he has made an instant impact at the club even being the club’s top scorer in the 2020/21 campaign.

Jadon Sancho.

Probably the most controversial transfer especially after United failed to sign him in the summer of 2020. Something that angered the club’s fan base but luckily for most Manchester United like myself the deal finally went through.

Harry Maguire.

This one may spark a couple of arguments but he has proven to be a top Centre back though his tag as the world’s most expensive defender 85 million pounds draws him a lot of criticism over his performances. Nonetheless he is an elite defender and he recently proved that in the just concluded Euros. Watch out with the arrival of Varane, his defending may just step up another level.

Paul Pogba.

Though his stay at United brings controversy every transfer window, he still somewhat deserves to be on this list.

He is the club’s record signing and though he hasn’t yet shown that earned him his price tag, he still plays a crucial role in the club’s midfield alongside Bruno and McTominay. Hopefully he finds the form he has while playing for France at United.

Edinson Cavani.

Despite signing for free last summer, his arrival raised the eyebrows of fans and pundits alike but his exploits in the concluded campaign justified his signing and proved that in spite of his age, he is still lethal in front of goal.

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